Recommended Products

Shadowdark Quickstart set – everything you need to play or run a game today!

Corruption and ruin. Sounds like a great place for adventure! Soulblight.

Where the world is against your characters – Shadowsun.

James Mishler’s City of Hawkmoor – a great place to start your adventures.

A system-independent city of possibilities, Ganelor is detailed enough to answer questions, and open enough to raise plenty of others.

Four different low-level adventures, each with it’s own off-kilter theme, the Initiation Bundle is just two dollars.

Three adventures that will take a party of adventurers from 1st to 6th level. Can be run together, or independent of each other. Maps! Loot! This Adventure Bundle will keep you busy for a while.


If your Shadowdark adventure needs some great B&W artwork, poke your nose into artist John Bilodeau’s portfolio on DTRPG.